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University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital CMN All Partner Rally is a Success!

On March 30, over 150 CMN corporate partners and supporters came together for the first “in person” CMN All Partner Rally. The event was full of celebration, awards, inspiration, and fun!

The event was ran by Andrea Chambers and Allie Stutting, the CMN Corporate Partner Staff at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. “The event was incredible,” states Stutting, “The energy in the room was infectious and our partners have the greatest passion for our patients and families. After two years, it was amazing to bring together our CMN partners, five champion families, and our staff to celebrate the great work of our corporate partners and kick off another great fundraising year.”

The CMN All Partner Rally is an opportunity for the CMN Staff at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital to kick off a new fundraising year, but also to honor the great work the CMN corporate partners committed throughout the 2021 year. Throughout the event, there were many awards that were given. The award winners are as follows:

TOP 5 Fundraising Locations: O’Donnell ACE Hardware, Linn Area Credit Union, Costco Coralville, Costco Davenport, Costco West Des Moines

TOP 3 Fundraising Partners: ACE Hardware, Panda Express, Walmart/Sam’s Club

Starfish Award Location Winner: Linn Area Credit Union

Starfish Award Individual Winner: Joni Brown, Coralville Costco

A highlight of the event were the five UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital Champion Families that were in attendance. Nile Kron, Kinley, Albrecht, Abigail Ziolkowski, and Tate Manahl attended with their families. Nile Kron’s family, CMN Market Champion for the Cedar Rapids Market, shared Nile’s story to the attendees. The Champion Families are at the center of the incredible fundraising efforts and their stories inspire all those who fundraise for our hospital!

Thank you to all those who made the trip to Iowa City to attend this year’s event & kick off a summer of fundraising. The CMN Team at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital is already looking forward to next year’s event.