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UIDM: Shape Your Impact- 25 Years of Miracles

This year, the University of Iowa Dance Marathon sets out to make more miracles than ever before as they embark on their 25th year of dancing For The Kids. With years of record breaking and incredible milestones in their past, this year’s team is looking to make an impact on the future.

UIDM supports the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and has more than 900 families involved in their event. Being For The Kids isn’t just what they do, it’s why they do it, and this year, it’s all about making an impact. On September 13, 2018, the University of Iowa Dance Marathon launched their first ever year-long campaign titled, Shape Your Impact.

Executive Director of UIDM 25, Charlie Ellis shares, “The “Shape Your Impact” campaign came to fruition due to a desire of wanting each individual of Dance Marathon to not only understand the impact they have had on our kiddos and families, but to understand that their impact can be so much more. Shape Your Impact will not only be utilized to reach dancers, but its initiatives and purposes will reach sponsors, donors, community partners, volunteers, families, and everyone that this organization touches. No matter how small or large your acts are within UIDM25, you are allowing yourself to Shape Your Impact on all of our kiddos and families–the reason we, as an organization, are here today.”

Today, and every day, UIDM is making miracles happen for local kids and their families who are affected by pediatric cancer.  In February of 2018, they raised $ 3,011,015, and in February 2019, they hope to raise even more by changing the way that their community, shapes their impact.

“Through inclusivity, unwavering optimism, and the courage to challenge tradition, Dance Marathon 25 is an opportunity for each individual to recognize their worth and shape their impact. With acts both large and small, we will fill the hearts of the children and families – the inspiration behind our lime.” – DM 25 Vision Statement